Web3D 2022 will take place
from 2 to 4 November 2022
at Telecom SudParis,
9 rue Charles Fourier, in Evry,
near Paris, France.

GPS : 48.624853 N, 2.444104 E
See map.

Caution Foreign nationals may need a visa.

Reaching Evry

From Charles de Gaulle airport

  • By train (recommended): Take RER.png rer_b.png (Roissy-Rail towards Robinson / Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse / Massy-Palaiseau). Get off in central Paris at station CHATELET-LES-HALLES and switch to RER_1.png rer_d.png to EVRY-COURCOURONNES (see further instructions hereafter).
    Other actualized options are available on-line. Approximate duration: 1h45.
  • By taxi (expensive): Approximate duration: 1 hour.

From Orly airport

  • By taxi or Uber (recommended): This is the fastest and easiest way to reach Evry. Duration: 30 mn.
  • By bus and train (lower cost): See options on-line. Approximate duration: 1h30.

From Paris center

  • (40 km): Duration: from 30 to 60 minutes depending on traffic conditions.
  • By train: From CHATELET-LES-HALLES or GARE DE LYON stations, take an RER_8.pngrer_d_4.png train to EVRY-COURCOURONNES (see further instructions). Approximate duration: 40 minutes.

Train fares are available online.

Caution Caution: Is your RER_9.pngrer_d_5.png train going to EVRY-COURCOURONNES?

  • Before stepping into an RER_8.pngrer_d_4.png train, check video screens on the platform and make sure it heads towards CORBEIL-ESSONNES via EVRY-COURCOURONNES.
  • All RER trains have a 4 letters code name. Those stopping at EVRY-COURCOURONNES have letter “P” in third position, e.g. “RUPE“, “BUPE“, “ZUPE“, “ROPO“…

Get off at EVRY-COURCOURONNES station.

Reaching the conference

When arrived at EVRY-COURCOURONNES railways station:

  1. Exit the station towards Cours Blaise Pascal and turn left onto Bd des Coquibus.
  2. Follow Bd des Coquibus (about 12 minutes walking).
  3. Turn left onto Rue Charles Fourier and follow the street to the campus entrance.
Web3D 2022 will take place at Telecom SudParis, 9 rue Charles Fourier, 91000 Evry, France.