Coordinators: Mike McCann, Vince Marchetti and Doug Sanden

Mike McCann: Undersea robotic vehicle data visualization

Description: From the use case of undersea robotic vehicle data visualization learn how an oceanographer builds a web site to visualize all manner of spatial temporal data using X3D and standard web technology. The tutorial will touch on new features of X3D4 including Point Properties and Volume Data.

Vince Marchetti: Using X3D to visualize knowledge in standards based CAD and BIM files.

Description: We will present techniques for generating dynamic interactive 3D scenes visualizing the contents of vendor-neutral format file from domains of CAD, BIM (Building Information Management), and metrology and inspection. A theme running through the tutorial will be the use of the Python scripting language and the Jupyter notebook platform, to coordinate the activity of open-source libraries to read, analyze, and express in an X3D scenegraph, the domain specific information in STEP, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), QIF (Quality Information Framework) files.

Doug Sanden: MIDI

Description: Explore ways to integrate MIDI into web3d scenes. Topics covered:

– MIDI 2 transport packets vs MIDI 1 messages

– strategies and conversions for MIDI2 readiness, and MIDI1 back support

– frame speed routing and MIDI-thread direct transport

– Proposed node set, including NoteSplitter, NoteMerger

– javascript MIDI 2 packet parsing and construction

– demo scenes: PlayerPiano, PlayablePiano

– use of midi as an event sequencer for general routing


Join us as the author shares his experience developing one possible algorithm for humanoid-crowd particle animation in a street scene in web3d. Ideas and contributions to specifications welcome. Topics covered:

– MapEmitter vs PlaneEmitter

– MapPhysics

– function map and image classification

– sink maps and flood fill algorithm

– population map and collision avoidance

– HAnim Humanoid as particle