Web3D Showcase/Demonstrations: A favorite at the Web3D Conference

 All real-time web-based 3D applications are welcome: Art, Science, Engineering, Medical, Cultural

Every year the conference ends with a bang! Conference attendees convene in a large room for an exciting evening of 3D entertainment with an emcee. 3D Content and software developers along with hardware producers take the stage for a whirlwind tour of the latest Web3D features and applications.This year since the conference is going virtual we are unable to have live demos. Hence, we are asking developers to submit their demonstration via a video.

Submission Requirements:

A title and a short video(< 5 minutes) of your 3D application and content (no power point presentations). 

Your video must include a short demo of your application, including your challenge and solution. 

Please send your submission to demonstrations@web3d.org