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Tutorial #4, X3D Ontology

Online at Please see X3D Ontology for Semantic Web Query of 3D Models and Metadata for more information.

Tutorial #5, X3D4 Sound and Audio

Online at Please see Extending X3D Realism with Audio Graphs, Acoustic Properties and 3D Spatial Sound for more information.

Papers session #4: Extending Web3D/VR/XR in Content and Effects

Session chair Jinyuan Jia, Tongji University. 4 papers. Online at Web3D provides convenient and pervasive online 3D visualization. While the computing and caching capability of Web browsers lags in …

Workshop #2, Virtual Avatars

This is the calendar event.  Accepted workshop, 5 presentations. Please see the Recent Advances in Virtual Avatar Technology workshop page for details.

Tutorial #6, Humanoid Animation (HAnim) v2

Online at Please see Humanoid Animation (HAnim) Progress: Past Present Future for more information.

Standards Session #1, 3D Printing and Scanning

Calendar event Standards session approved by program committee. Please see 3D Printing and Scanning Interoperability Opportunities for further information.

Standards Session #2, Smart Cities (Europe-Asia)

There is a lot of interest in the ISO Smart Cities endeavor!  This is our first session of panelists. Please see Representation and Visualization for Smart Cities for information about this event.

Workshop #1, Web3D User Experience (Web3DUX)

Accepted workshop, multiple presentations planned. This is the calendar event. Please see the Web3D User Experience (Web3DUX) Workshop page for details.

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