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Web3D 2020 Zoom Channels Live

Please see Web3D 2020 Live! for connection information. Live- Webinar Channel A Live- Webinar Channel B

Papers session #1: Reality and Virtuality in Practical XR

Session chair Vince Marchetti, KShell USA.  5 papers. Online at This session includes discussions on human-to-human and human-to-system interaction, and the relationship between real and virtual worlds. In particular, participants …

Tutorial #1, WXR Remote Cooperation

Online at Please see WXR: Remote Cooperation using WebXR Technology for course information. Replay

Papers session #2: 3D Web for Hyperconnected Applications

Session chair Jinyuan Jia, Tongji University. 5 papers. Online at This session discusses applications of various situations occurring in the real world hyperconnected to a 3D Web virtual world. …


Plenary #1: Conference and Sponsor Welcome

Opening plenary session for Web3D 2020 Conference Welcome, contributors and participants.  Happy 25th anniversary for Web3D Conference! Here is the plenary presentation. This calendar event is online at Opening …

Tutorial #2, X3D4 Update

Online at Please see X3D4 Changes, Capabilities and Opportunities for course information. Replay

Papers session #3: CAD Scalability and Realism on the Web

Session chair Christophe MOUTON, Électricité de France (EDF), Paris France.  5 papers. Online at Creators of hyperconnected applications for digital twins face a whole set of challenges. Key topics include …

Tutorial #3, X3D4 Demos

Online at Please see X3D4 Demos: Players and Tool Support for more information. Replay

Tutorial #4, X3D Ontology

Virtual Event

Online at Please see X3D Ontology for Semantic Web Query of 3D Models and Metadata for more information. Replay


Posters Session #1

Exhibition of five posters, with authors available for questions and discussion. Web3D 2020 Posters Session Chair is Sung-Hee Lee, KAIST, Daejeon Korea. This event is online at Nearby: Posters …

Tutorial #5, X3D4 Sound and Audio

Online at Please see Extending X3D Realism with Audio Graphs, Acoustic Properties and 3D Spatial Sound for more information. Replay

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