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Plenary #3B, Web3D Conference Awards, Acknowledgements and Demonstrations

13 November 2020 @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC

Twenty Fifth Web3D Conference Awards, Acknowledgements and Demonstrations

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Having a video record of every presentation available is a helpful development.  Our five Web3D 2020 Conference Program Chairs are taking great care to evaluate many excellent papers as judiciously as possible.  They plan to announce the winners of this year’s conference awards for Best Paper (and possibly Best Poster) in the near future.

The HAnim Music Competition Awards selected three winners from eight excellent submissions.  Each winner receives a cash prize from Korea Standards Agency (KSA).


We gratefully acknowledge the fundamental contributions of each contributor to Web3D 2020. You are the heart of our community.

Web3D 2020 Conference Committee individual efforts are often unseen but always essential to our shared success.  Thank You.

Special Thanks are offered to several groups that had specific contributions of direct value.

Conference Sponsors made this event (and free registration!) possible.  Please thank them.  We recommend that you consider joining these professional societies that have made 25 years of steady progress possible.

In Memoriam

We regret to report that intended Web3D 2020 Conference contributor Jörg “Mufti” Scheurich died on 25 October 2020 following a long cancer illness and severe lung inflammation.  The funeral for a very small circle of relatives and friends (due to current corona rules) was on 11.11.2020 at the New Cemetery of Stuttgart-Weilimdorf (Köstliner Strasse 139).

MUFTI’s technical expertise, contributions to 3D education, and gentle demeanor have had beneficial influence on many in our community.  New Contributions / Versions or Corrections of White Dune from Jörg are not to be expected anymore. Nevertheless Jörg wants to make his life’s work available for others indefinitely.

Web3D Conference Progress

Our efforts continue.  The Web3D Conference website has been deployed on SIGGRAPH information infrastructure for long-term stability.  We have actual interactive 3D graphics on our site, the WWW333 logo in X3D.  Everyone’s work is published archivally, including presentation slidesets and video. Registration will stay open so that we can continue improving Web3D Conference capabilities, influence and impact.  Not bad progress for 25 years of collaboration!


Cool demos, pre-recorded and live!  This year’s Demonstrations session presents work from  artists, content designers, and developers on their innovative 3D works. Art works and applications developed on various platforms, including the web, desktop, mobile and VR/AR/XR systems are being shown.

Our Shared Future Awaits

We conclude our 25th year with thanks and acknowledgements for everyone who made this event a success.  Everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated.

Please stay safe and productive, adapting and applying our shared insights about 3D for a Hyperconnected World.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Web3D 2021 Conference in Pisa Italy.  Have fun with 3D on the Web!


13 November 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC
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